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Hiring an Accident Attorney with the Expertise to Fight Insurance Companies

Feb 19

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay losses resulting from car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, or dog bites. Therefore, they do everything possible to save themselves as much money as possible or even deny a claim altogether Fort Worth, TX. That’s why you need to have professional legal representation from Stoy Law Group, PLLC, so that the insurers do not take advantage of your situation. Our accident lawyers in Fort Worth, TX refuse to settle low and do not allow insurance companies Fort Worth, to get away without compensating for your injuries and damages. We do this by:

Conducting Thorough Legal Research

Insurance companies always make calculated moves, and you must be a step ahead to avoid compromising your claim. Fortunately, our Fort Worth injury lawyer anticipates their moves and stays a step ahead of them. We achieve this by doing thorough research to ensure we have a solid legal argument on your behalf.

Sending a Demand Letter

Before starting any negotiations with the insurance company, an experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney gathers information on how much compensation you deserve for the damages. We include current and future medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and other losses you’ve suffered. Then, we send a demand letter to the insurer detailing the amount you’re willing to settle for and what will be fair for you. If they reject the demands, we’ll continue working to ensure you get what you deserve Fort Worth personal injury attorney.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

An insurance adjuster might ask for a recorded statement from you, which they might use against you during the legal process. That’s why you should allow our accident lawyer in Fort Worth to handle every communication with the insurer. We use our expertise and knowledge to communicate with the insurers to agree on a fair settlement.

Filing a Lawsuit

We file a lawsuit if we do not reach a fair settlement with the insurance company. The lawsuit shows the insurer that you’re serious about your demands and deserve compensation. Our lawyers have everything to face the insurers in court and fight for your best interests. We also make sure to file all documents within the statutes of limitations to avoid compromising your ability to seek compensation.

Stoy Law Group, PLLC is the one-stop solution when dealing with insurance companies in an accident case. Consultations are always free, and we’re honored to address your concerns online or on the phone. So do not hesitate to contact our Accident Attorney Fort Worth today.

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